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Sanremo fotografo matriomnio


"Photography is always an exclusion of the rest of the world in order to show a small piece of it."

( by Luigi Ghirri )

Italy Wedding Photographer

genova fotografo per matrimoni


With our delicate and discreet, refined and always spontaneous style inspired by reportage, we appeal to those who want an unforgettable wedding. Our passion and expertise for wedding photography is what sets us apart.

Wedding photographer in Italy and all of Liguria.

Italy wedding photographer!

My photographic approach in Italy aims to tell a story, the story of this particular day which is your wedding in Italy.
I will try to build this story with you, your family, friends, families, children ... I will do it with discretion, spontaneity, perseverance and good humor ... as a photographer in Italy I will look closely at intimate moments ... and I am aware of the responsibility inherent in building a part of your family memories ... So as a Wedding Photographer in Italy I will spend time with you. But I'll also be where you can't be that day. I will try to be your eyes, so that later these photos become your memory ...

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